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Five is the third art piece in the Clutter series. The concept behind the Clutter Series is that there can be beauty in clutter. There are many examples in nature and in life where clutter can be beautiful, clutter these days gets a bad name. I wanted to show how beautiful clutter can be in this series.

Five was a commissioned piece, the brief was to create an artwork from the clutter series which would be bright, but also have four really personal elements. The personal elements were hidden in the clutter. The most obvious being the Ogham, the old way of writing Irish. The art piece was created to be a personal artwork, so I will explain no more. I will say that the client is very happy with the finished work.

Artwork Details :

Size 40 x 80 

Medium: Water colour paint on stretched canvas. 

If you would like to order an artwork in this style contact me today.

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