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Frank's Mad

Elements of Madness

Elements of Madness

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Elements of Madness is an abstract and very emotional artwork. It is the elements of the backgrounds I use in my Frank's Mad street art style. I would fill the background behind my characters with ex's and crosses to give the artwork an even madder look.

In this artwork I wanted the ex's and crosses I have used for years to have the limelight, to have their day to shine. The three crosses at the top were inspired by crucifixion but represent a creator. A creator of both of this artwork and a creator of the artist.

The shamrock represents my pride in being Irish. The love heart in brackets represents my view that love is the most important thing in the world. Together they make up my
in-artwork signature. But in this artwork I have showed my signature big and bold as this artwork highlights the Elements of Madness. 


Artwork Details :

Size 70 x 60 cm 

Medium: Water colour paint on stretched canvas. 

If you would like to order an artwork in this style, contact me today.


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