About Frank

Frank's Mad

I am an Irish artist known as Frank's Mad. I have been creating art for 20 years. I have sold all over Ireland as well as internationally, including LA, Chicago, Sydney, and Barcelona to name a few.  

I create art I can stand behind, not what is popular. Art is an extension of your personality and how you see the world. I love life, and want to emphasize the feelings that made me fall in love with it. My art is influenced by genuine life experiences. I use my art to promote happiness, humour, love, nature, individuality, belonging, and culture.

I have struggled with dyslexia all of my life, but when I am painting, there are no obstacles. Only the limit of my ability and imagination. Limits I aim to breakthrough. 

Join me on this journey as I push the limits of my imagination, through street art, abstract art and whatever form of art that comes next. 

Enjoy the Madness.

Frank's Mad.